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Snipes X Forbes DACH

We collaborated with Snipes and Forbes DACH to reimagine the iconic Karl Kani Sneaker. Our objective was to revolutionize the silhouette and craft something fresh for the 2021 DACH 30 UNDER 30 event.

We reenvisioned the sneakers using black Nappa, nubuck, and patent leather. The "Under 30" logo was intricately engraved, and for the finer elements, we opted for vibrant colors and unique stitching. Additionally, we overlaid and reimagined certain layers to create a disrupted silhouette.

Trumates X o2 for Juju

In collaboration with o2 and the talented female rapper Juju, we crafted exclusive Air Max 90 sneakers, embracing a minimalist approach. Incorporating her logos and the signature o2 color, we found beauty in the finer points – because sometimes, it's the details that truly matter.

Gangstarella for Capital Bra

For the new Gangstarella campaign, we've designed an Air Jordan Low 1 as a gift for Capital Bra. To capture the essence of a pizza chef, we've utilized white cotton fabric reminiscent of a cooking jacket. The Gangstarella logo is prominently featured on the side, while the iconic checkered pattern from a pizza box adds a touch of authenticity.

ALL IN Artist management

In homage to their artist, who has amassed over a million followers on Instagram, we have collaboratively crafted a collection of sneakers alongside the ALL IN management. Crafted entirely from vegan materials, these sneakers exhibit a harmonious convergence of creativity. While the foundational hues remain consistent across all pairs, bespoke nuances have been meticulously integrated, seamlessly aligning with the artist's distinctive aesthetic.

Kasztelanos Management

We've collaborated with Kasztelanos Management to curate an exclusive collection of bespoke pieces for artists, marking the celebration of Christmas and a triumphant year. Our curated selection spotlights iconic silhouettes the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Force 1.

Our vision for these designs involves the artistry of tiger stripes adorning the sides, while a sleek transformation turns the swoosh into luxurious black hair leather, adding that definitive touch of sophistication. Each shoe is meticulously customized, bearing the artist's name tastefully displayed on the heel, a unique mark of distinction."