A bespoke is a handmade pair of sneakers according to the customer's wishes. A bespoke can be confused with a custom. The difference between these two commonly used terms is that a custom is modified, often with shoe paint, and a bespoke is completely renewed.

Donor shoes are new pair of sneakers which are needed to make the LARS TRUCKS Bespokes. The sole forms the foundation of the production process. Donor shoes can be supplied by the customer or by us. It is important that the donor shoes are the same size as desired for the LARS TRUCKS Bespokes.

The request will be processed after contact has been made. The creative session is seen as the starting point of the process. After the creative session it will take about 10 to 12 weeks before you will have the LARS TRUCKS Bespokes on your feet.

Every kind of model is possible in consultation. The most common models we make are: Air Max 1, Jordan 1, Air Force 1 and SB Dunk

We use different types and colors of materials in the best quality that can be found worldwide. Leather is the most commonly used material at LARS TRUCKS , which includes calfskin, suede, exotic leather, patent leather and leather with hairs. We also use corduroy, canvas and mesh. In addition to these types, our supply varies regularly and there are more materials available than those we have in stock by default. In consultation we can work with all materials and it is possible to deliver materials yourself as well.

A pair of LARS TRUCKS Bespokes starts from €1000,-. The price depends on the choice of material, the level of detail and the model. After the creative session an invoice will be sent, which is supposed to be paid shortly after.

You can use PayPal, banktransfer or you ca pay with cash on location.

Unfortunately it is not possible to make adjustments to the design when the creative session has ended.

No updates will be sent on the progress of shoemaking. Just wait and before you realise, you will receive a message that they are finished!

The LARS TRUCKS atelier is located in Duisburg, German. Visits are only possible by appointment.